How to use & FAQs

How can I place an Order?

You can choose from a variety of options from our catalogue and select an ecard and click on edit. It will take you to edit page. Please fill in all the information provided in the fields and add photo as well if the card has an option. Once you have edited all the details save the card. And then client on save next.

It will take you to the add email section. Here you add the guests or you receiver details. And click on send. If it’s a wishes card you will be prompted with a gift card page. You choose a gift card or click on no thanks. It will take you to the cart page if it’s a premium card (paid card). Here you make the payment and your card will be sent to you mailing list.

Where else can I share my invite apart from email?

You can share the ecard via

Facebook – by clicking on the Facebook icon.

WhatsApp – by clicking on the WhatsApp option. Please note this feature is only available via mobile only. Please open the website via mobile go to your account sent cards and share the ecard to WhatsApp.

Twitter – by clicking on the twitter icon.

Can I modify my invitation post sharing?

Yes you can, please go to your account sent cards and edit the card and re send. You need not pay again you can just modify and send.

How do I add more guests post sending?

Go to your account and click on manage invitation. Here click on add more guests to add more mailing list and send.

Is responsive on mobile?

Currently we advise not to use mobile to edit card and share. Its advised to use desktop/laptop for better user experience.

How do I track my invites, is there RSVP?

Yes manage invitation section in your account has RSVP. Currently it has only limited features.

Can I cancel my invitation?

Go to manage invitation and delete the card you have sent.

Can I save my ecard?

Yes you can it will be saved under my saved cards in your account.

Is Easyvites completely free?

No, only some of the card are free to use.

How to contact easyvites?

Please use contact us link or send an email to

How to purchase a gift card?

You can purchase a gift card under the gift cards section.

How many gift cards can I purchase?

There is a restriction of purchasing only 1 gift card per transaction.

FAQs on gift cards

Gift cards are powered by woohoo, please refer to woohoo FAQs for more information -